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Eric Hovius, J.D. *


Cambridge, Ontario

*Member of the Law societies of Saskatchewan and Upper Canada (Ontario); Graduate of the University of Toronto and the University of Saskatchewan.





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About Ab-Law/Who We Are:

About Ab-Law.ca:

       Specializing in Aboriginal law, striving for an acceptable balance between the concerns and needs of Aboriginal communities and that of industry.     

      By working together, mutually beneficial solutions can be found that will later assist when engaging various levels of government.

     In utilizing the Duty to Consult and Accommodate, the impact of a proposed project can be minimized, receiving much needed local support during the approval process, and remaining as a long-lasting partnership.

      For effective consultations, it is imperative that Aboriginal communities are engaged at the beginning of a project's life-cycle, in order to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships.  The benefits from such an arrangement will then naturally flow.



Who We Are:


Eric Hovius, Lawyer, Negotiator, Faciliator, and Educator.  Member of the Law Societies of Saskatchewan and Upper Canada (Ontario), with extensive work experience in Aboriginal law.  Formerly a federal Crown and a provincial Crown.  Always an advocate for First Nations, strategically advancing their concerns or negotiating on behalf of those willing to meaningfully include First Nations into their process. 

Eric.Hovius@Ab-Law.ca (647) 825-6725





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