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Information for Municipalities

By utilizing the Duty to Consult and Accommodate, the impact of a proposed project can be minimized, receiving much needed local support during the approval process, and remaining as a long-lasting partnership.
For effective consultations, it is imperative that Aboriginal communities are engaged at the beginning of a project's life-cycle, in order to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Aboriginal Law, specifically as it arises in the duty to consult, has set out a distinct role for municipal governments.  Some provinces, like that of Saskatchewan, have even taken steps to draft guidelines for municipalities to follow when their actions may make impact an Aboriginal community.  Other provinces have been less instructive for their municipal counterparts.
If you are working on behalf of a municipality and have questions involving Aboriginal rights and their impact on your decision making process, feel free to contact me.

Last Updated: (September 28, 2010)